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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Jujitsu is the martial art which originated from Japan, it is an art of close combat for self-defense, and it is considered as one of the most powerful martial arts in the history of Japan. 2500 years ago japanese monk couldn’t protect themselves from carnivores and thefts. So while they pilgrimage in the forest they always got robes by thieves. So, one monk create a bare hand self- defense martial art called Jujitsu. Jujitsu were taught to the guard “samurai” (can fight with or without weapon)

But then, these martial arts were being used in the army. During World War I, a group of Japanese who knows Jujutsu moved to Brazil and started teaching Jujutsu. After that, Jujitsu has gotten very popular in Brazil and re-named it as “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”. It had become one of the most popular sports in Europe and America.

Jujitsu in Thailand
Jujitsu first came to Thailand in 1921 at Debsirin School, and then they taught Jujitsu to only soldiers and police. Nowadays, Jujitsu is a widespread sport, which there are many players all over the world. In Thailand, there are still quite few Jujitsu competitions, in which Ajarn Pramote Mesaman, the chairman of Jujitsu Association of Thailand is in charge of organizing the event.   Male competitors wear white jujitsu uniforms with red or blue belts depending on the team.  Players haves to wear gauntlets, leg guards ,groin protector and mouth pieces At the beginning of a match, competitors will have to stand 2 meters away from each other. When the fight begins, the referee will say "hajime" which means "begin", then both players can use their Jujutsu skills to fight and gain points from each other. Player will gain point if they hit or throwing their opponents. If the one who being locked wants to give up, he or she has to hit the floor with their hand.

Practicing Jujitsu has many advantages. First, people who learn Jujitsu would know the background of this sport. Second, they would gain knowledge and...