Essay in Which You Tell Us About Someone Who Has Made an Impact on Your Life

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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In our life stages, we face people who impact us positively and others who impact us negatively. Anyhow, some of them change our way of thinking and our perspective of life. For me, I met person who impacted me positively and changed my way of thinking and my standpoint of confronting and challenging hardships and surmount them. She is my art teacher. When I was in seventh grade, I was excellent in science subjects. However, I was bad in art. I hated this subject on the contrary of the majority of students. One day, in the art class, the teacher talked about colors and that everyone has favorite colors because inside every individual there are art and decorum he or she can express them via drawing and mixing colors or designing. After saying that, she wrote on the board “I would like you to draw a colorful image in which you empress friendship by your own manner”. All the students stared at the board for a few minutes then they hold their pencils and began drawing except me. I was either turning around my classmates and saw their mettle in drawing or putting my head on my desk. I did not even hold the pencil. She noticed that all the students drew except me, but she did not say anything . When the class ended, the teacher said “OK, when you are done from drawing, put your image on my desk then you can leave”. After that she tended toward my desk and stopped. She waited until all the students went out so, she and I remained alone. Then she asked me “Why did not you draw? Did not you have friends so you can emit the theme?”. I replied with angry voice “I hate drawing”. Then she said quietly “ and have you tried that? Have you ever tried drawing?”. I replied “No”. Then she said “So why do you hate something you have not ever tried?”. Her question surprised me. She was right. Why did I sentence the thing without trying it. But what I said “Please let me go because I will not draw anything”. Then she said with serious voice “No, you will draw. I would like you to...
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