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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Compare and contrast: The Hunger games
There are many books that then make movies based on it, but sometimes they don’t make a good movie, but sometimes they do a good movie, an example of it is The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and the movie by director Gary Ross. The hunger games is about 12 districts that every year each district have two tributes and fight for their life, Whoever is the final one alive receives fame, fortune, and their district gets privileges rained upon them for the next year. Opening Image

In the opening image, in the movie is a brief history of the world that we are going to see with the movie and then we cut right to an interview with Caesar Flickerman and head gamemaker Seneca Crane, discussing the games. In the book is different, is in first person and our opening image is with Katniss, waking up in her house. Set up

In the movie, they introduced the audience to the run down, katniss, her family (her warm relationship with her sister vs. the cold relationship with her mother) and Gale, her friend. Also we see the town getting ready for the big event; the reaping. In the book, it is almost the same. Fun and games

In the movie, the actual games don’t begin until later, at the midpoint. Before we see how the tributes are preparing for the games getting primped, trained, dressed, tested and interviewed and is when Katniss becomes the “Girl on Fire” in the opening ceremonies. The book is different, Suzanne Collins only spent a half of the chapter in telling how the tributes prepare. Midpoint

In the movie, in the midpoint the actual games begin, is when katniss enter to the field to play, she is in the “tube” as it makes its slow and dramatic climb through the darkness into the light of the second half of act 2, bringing her officially into the Hunger Games. In the book, Katniss is already in the arena and has already been in the arena for a few nights. The life...
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