Essay: How Is the Concept of Vampires Changing over Time

Topics: Vampire, Dracula, Horror film Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: March 18, 2011
“How has the concept of vampire changed over time? In your answer, refer to at least two texts”

The concept of vampires is constantly changing over time. Everyone has their own perspective of vampires due to their different understandings. The myth of “vampires” is grounded in many superstitions, legends and folklore. Although modern thought has allowed people to dispel the belief in the existence of vampires, the myth has endured due to our fascination with the horrific and the unknown. Hence, the myth has evolved along with the way that society has changed.

The phenomenon of vampires had derived from the mid 1600’s in Eastern Europe. Bizarre things began to happen & were not able to be explained due to the lack of technology. This was a barrier to people as logical explanations were not able to be created to support the reasons as to why things were the way they were. Society ended up creating their own explanations to the mysterious behavior that was occurring, most were based on superstitions. People were convinced that they were being haunted, harassed and sometimes killed by creatures that resembled a person who was recently buried. The reason for this paranormal activity was suggested to have occurred by creatures that were the living dead, sucked people’s blood and that affected peoples’ everyday lives.

Many texts/films have been created and based on the concept of vampires. They are generally used in the horror genre as they are said to be monstrous creatures that have frightened people for centuries. Modern society is really intrigued by horrific sights and vampires are being used to portray the same effect to the audience. An example of a text that has used the concepts of vampires is “Dracula: by Bram Stroker”. He portrays Dracula, the vampire, as intelligent, strong and cunning. He is said to live in an isolated castle which is gloomy and dull, and whoever steps foot in there feels like a prisoner. He is described to have a thin nose and...
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