Essay for Weak Minded

Topics: Management, Sociology, Leadership Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: February 7, 2013
What Makes A Good Leader?

A good leader is made up of many different qualities. He is aware of his people and keeps their best interest in mind at all times. He is always honest, because he knows lying won't get him anywhere. Most importantly he is well driven and cares more about being a good citizen and doing things right rather than caring only about money and materialist items. Being aware is one of the most important traits for a leader. He must know the needs of the people he reigns over, so he can always keep in mind their needs and whatever issues may be at hand in their society. He should know of all the political views that are represented by his people also. Be very involved with not only the higher class people who bring in most of the money but also the lower class, because that's who really needs the help. He should be on top of all the community events like soup kitchens, shelters, etc. If he doesn't, he won't be able to help society move upward, which is what a leader is for, to "lead his people on the right track". Awareness of his surroundings and what needs to be done to keep everyone safe as well as happy is a must. Honesty is a virtue, it's great and powerful, and any honest person is respected and would make a great leader. Without honesty nothing can possibly function in the right way. The leader must inform the people of important dilemmas or information, and if it's not honest information, then what's the point? He must be able to be trusted by the people who depend on him. It's impossible to be dishonest and a good leader at the same time. Without trust there's no way of having a good and healthy relationship, and he should view his job as a leader like a relationship with his people. In my opinion there is no situation in which it would be better to lie than to be honest, it doesn't matter what’s on the line. Honesty comes first. Lastly, a leader must be driven, have his priorities straight, and know what is important and what is...
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