Essay for the Tell-Tale Heart

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart, Short story Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: March 28, 2011
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Paper1: Essay for the Tell-Tale Heart(題目太籠統,不要學) Oct, 21, 2009
Essay for the Tell-Tale Heart(題目太籠統,不要學)
This story is described from the murderer. He talks about the process how he killed the old man. The name of The Tell-Tale Heart gives the hint for what will happen next and the heart will do something startled. Using the name can make reader interested in knowing what the story will go. In the beginning, the murderer doesn’t think he has committed the crime. And he tries to convince reader to believe what he did is right. In the story, the author describes what the murderer feels in the whole story. His mood goes from excitement to confidence to guilt and to breaking down at length. The author uses precise sentences to describe those moods for example:“Oh, you would have laughed to see how cunningly I thrust head in.”,“I could scarcely contain my feelings of triumph.”means the murderer at that time was really exciting;“I smiled,--for what had I to fear?”, “While I myself, in the wild audacity of my perfect triumph, placed my own seat upon the very spot beneath which reposed the corpse of the victim. ”means the murderer was confident to what he did without any mistakes; “No doubt I now grew very pale; but I talked more fluently, and with a heightened voice.”,“I talked more quickly, more vehemently but the noise steadily increased.”means the murderer was guilty;“I felt that I must scream or die.”means the murderer was broken down. Except for precise sentences, the author also describes the actions such as: serious headache, foaming, and raving, and swearing. These actions can make the scene more vivid. First, the old man is described innocence, but somebody around him really hates his eyes. The old man’s mood goes from suspicion to fear. The author also uses precise sentence to describe those moods for example:“The old man sprang up in the bed, crying out,〝Who’s there?〞may...
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