Essay for Jesus

Topics: Eating, Ayumi Hamasaki, Stay Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: March 6, 2013
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Question| What is the purpose of the Griffin coming to the town in the first place anyway?| What is the motive for the Minor Canon to leave town and travel to the Dreadful Wilds?| What would be a result if the people would have been as nice as the Minor Canon to the Griffin? | Answer| The purpose of the Griffin’s arrival is because he wanted to see the statue of himself above the church’s door.| The Minor Canon doesn’t really have a motive to leave he is forced by the townspeople who don’t want to get eaten.| The Griffin would have eaten any of the “pure” spirited people because they would all taste good.| Detail| Now, this Griffin had no idea how he looked. He had never seen a mirror, and the streams where he lived were so turbulent and violent that a quiet piece of water, which would reflect the image of anything looking into it, could not be found. Being, as far as could be ascertained, the very last of his race, he had never seen another griffin. Therefore it was that, when he heard of this stone image of himself, he became very anxious to know what he looked like, and at last he determined to go to the old church, and see for himself what manner of being he was.| It is all your fault," they said, "that that monster is among us. You brought him here, and you ought to see that he goes away. It is only on your account that he stays here at all; for, although he visits his image every day, he is with you the greater part of the time. If you were not here, he would not stay. It is your duty to go away, and then he will follow you, and we shall be free from the dreadful danger which hangs over us."| "From what I have seen of the people of this town," said the monster, "I do not think I could relish anything which was prepared by them. They appear to be all cowards and, therefore, mean and selfish. As for eating one of them, old or young, I could not think of it for a moment. In fact, there was only one creature...
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