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Rock, rap, and country music are three of the most popular music types that people listen to.

Rock music a more preferred music style to certain groups of people. Allot of people like to listen to rock music while working out for instance because it has a stronger and more pumped up atmosphere behind it. It helps people concentrate more to the work out than to things going on in their surroundings. Rock music is great for working out also because it has an aggressive being which also makes the listener aggressive and able to work harder. Rock music is also a favorite when attending concerts. The concerts are great to attend because they have a huge hyper crowd with lots of different kinds of people. Usually in a rock concert there are mosh pits and a lot of alcoholic beverages. A lot of radio stations also play rock music. Rock music is one of the most requested styles of music. People also like to listen to rock music on the radio while driving because I helps them stay awake while driving. Although rock music is a favorite to some people others like the sound of rap music more.

Rap music is also a loved music genre to groups of people. People are drawn to the style of rap music because of the beat of the song. Many people like to listen to rap music while dancing because it has a loud constant rhythmic beat. The beat to rap music is also the reason why many people put huge speakers in their cars. The manipulation of words and the order they are put in to make them rhyme is also a big portion in why people are privy to the style of rap music. With rap music there is not really any kind of vocal singing it is all done at one tone and spoken quite fast. Rhyming is the key part to rap music, the ways that the words flow and the way they rhyme is something that attracts people to rap. Battles from a rap concert are also a reason why people listen to rap. In a battle two rappers go against each other trying to win the...
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