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  • Published : October 13, 2013
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Paul Nguyen
Mr. Ostrovsky
1st October, 2013
Bless Me, Ultima Essay
In the novel of Bless Me, Ultima the young protagonist Antonio is pitted against many obstacles. Of the conflicts he encounters, his parents’ were one of the most influential. With the help of Ultima and much guidance, Antonio discovers that he must mediate for the Marez and Lunas. In the novel, Anaya uses the conflict between the Marez and Lunas to explain the struggle of Antonio and how he copes with them after many years of adapting to the two opposing sides. Most of of the conflict is eternal, in Antonio’s dream, he seeks to understand his blood during a tug-o-war and is told by Ultima during the midst of conflict that he, “has been seeing only parts, she finished, and not looking beyond into the great cycle that binds us all.” (121). Antonio comes to the understanding that he has only simply viewed his mother and father’s contrasting ideas partially. Antonio comes to see that his parents keep each other in check, and so he must choose a path which either does not interfere with them, maintain harmony and balance between the two and ending the feud for good. But even before all of that, many years ago, Antonio began considering his parent’s wishes, yet he could not make a decision as he “stays in bed and listens to their argument” because, “They always quarreled on Sunday morning.” (28). Antonio does not show bias to neither of his parents, because he understands both sides, he indirectly keeps the balance of Lunas and Marez, as he cannot come to the decision, it comes in his dreams. What Antonio does is he remains neutral, no matter how much tension is created from the conflict, he remains neutral, until the day he can make a decision of his own. As Antonio learns, he comes to realize that just like his brother who abandoned his father’s dreams, Antonio would have to do the same for his mother, because he must live his own independent life. Antonio has not made a decision to...
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