Essay for Competency Goal2

Topics: Behavior, Social relation, Play Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Name: Diki Paldon
Class: Child development Birth 5 years (EDUC)
Instructor: Lisa Poelle
Date: 03/26/2013
I Support positive self concepts and social skill all day at arrival time, children are allowed to play table toys with friend, thus being Thus being able through gestures and speech, to have social interactions. Another activity that encourages social interaction is music time. Sometimes children hold a colorful parachute handle while waving it up and down. This is a good way to learn to cooperate with peers and share materials. Another social activity is out door at the park. The children learn how to take turns eon swings and slides, and they can use their imagination to play fun games together which helps them practice decision making (such as who will be the mommy, who will be tagged etc). They can observe each other at play and imitate each other or movements in order to learn a new skill, such as sliding down the pole. My philosophy of guiding children’s positive behaviors is through praising children when they have done a good job at something. For example, if it is time to clean up and I see a child putting away toys nicely I will say “I like how you put away the toys Razi, good job”. Also a soft pat on the back when a child has accomplished a new task such as putting on their own shoes, n shows affection and pride. . In addition, when a child shares I show am glad they are doing such a great job. It is important to acknowledge their positive behaviors in order to encourage the children to keep it up. This approach is very different from the way I was guided as a child because when I was in school, the teachers would not say much whenever I had done something good, which made me feel like perhaps my positive behaviors and actions had been overlooked or did not matter much to my teachers.

In order to deal constructively with challenging behaviors such as quarreling, I try to take the quarreling children and...
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