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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Essay question three: What else, if anything, would you wish the Admissions Committee to know about your candidacy? To start I adore Belmont’s campus. The campus has a variety of attractive niches. The hillside amphitheater, the gazebos, and the number of practice rooms are all places where I can think, write, and play music. The hillside itself would be a wonderful place to do homework and play cards and music with some friends. The Bell Tower Prayer Chapel being at the center of the campus offers an amazing outlook on what Belmont stands for, having students grow in knowledge and in their day by day lives with Jesus. The layout of the school appeals to me as well. I live on a farm, so being outside and in nature has importance for me. The way that Belmont has been put together creates a balance between nature and city, a beautiful campus of trees, flowers, and scenery enclosed by the campus buildings. It does not feel like I am in the middle of a city, but I know if I take a few paces outside of the campus I can see that Belmont juxtaposes along the beautiful city of Nashville. I have never lived in a city before, so this would definitely be an experience living next to Nashville and being able to go to a show at the Muze and The End, eat at the California Pizza Kitchen, or go play some laser tag out on Second Ave. These are all opportunities that I could have hardly considered being able to do before going to Belmont, another reason why Belmont is unlike any other. Also the history of Belmont interests me and aids in giving Belmont the feeling that it does to all; how the university started out as the Belle Monte estate and went from a girls school in the late 1800s through the process of being one of the fastest growing Christian universities in

the nation. This includes the old concrete steps at the top of the hill where people used to get into their carriages and the old dormitories from back in the day where students of old stayed. I want...