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Spring 2013 HCC Principles of Marketing -- PRACTICE Test 2 (5 - 9) MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) ________ is the most basic cause of a person's wants and behavior. 1) _______ A) Culture B) Social class C) Brand personality D) Selective perception E) Cognitive dissonance 2) ________ are groups to which an individual wishes to belong, as when a young basketball player hopes to play someday for the Los Angeles Lakers. A) Leisure groups B) Membership groups C) Social class groups D) Aspirational groups E) Leading adopter groups 3) ________ are people within a reference group who, because of special skills, knowledge, personality, or other characteristics, exert influence on others. A) Social networkers B) Opinion leaders C) Laggards D) Habitual buyers E) Stealth marketers 4) People change the goods and services they buy over time because of the two changing factors of ________. A) self-concept and learning B) perception and personality C) family and tradition D) belief and attitude E) age and life-cycle stage 5) A ________ is a need that is sufficiently pressing to direct a person to seek satisfaction. A) culture B) tradition C) perception D) stimulus E) motive 6) Which of the following is NOT part of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? A) safety needs B) self-actualization needs C) social needs D) physiological needs E) stimulus needs 7) ________ is the process by which people select, organize, and interpret information to form a meaningful picture of the world. A) Selective grouping B) Self-actualization 2) _______

3) _______

4) _______

5) _______

6) _______

7) _______

C) Perception D) Learning E) Personality 8) People cannot focus on all of the stimuli that surround them each day. A person's tendency to screen out most of the information to which he is exposed is called ________. A) selective retention B) selective distortion C) selective attention D) selective perception E) selective attitude 9) Some consumers worry that they will be affected by marketing messages without even knowing it. They are concerned about ________ advertising. A) subliminal B) alternative evaluation C) perceptual D) hierarchical E) comparative 10) A(n) ________ is a person's relatively consistent evaluations, feelings, and tendencies toward an object or idea. A) motive B) lifestyle C) perception D) attitude E) belief 11) After the purchase of a product, consumers will be either satisfied or dissatisfied and engage in ________. A) variety-reducing behavior B) postpurchase behavior C) alternative evaluation D) information searches E) product expectations 12) Almost all major purchases result in ________, or discomfort caused by postpurchase conflict. A) need recognition B) legitimization C) cognitive dissonance D) dissatisfaction E) purchase decisions 13) Which of the following is NOT one of the stages that customers go through in the process of learning about and making decisions about a new product or service? A) evaluation B) acceptance C) trial D) awareness E) interest 14) Robert has taken up bicycle riding as a hobby and as a way to maintain his physical stamina. He 8) _______

9) _______

10) ______

11) ______

12) ______

13) ______


s he will 14) need to drink adequate water when he is bike riding. He wants to buy a hydratio n system. Having gathered a great deal of informati on, he has decided to compare three systems: Waterba gs for Roadies, Supertan ker Hydropa cks, and Fast Water. Robert is in the ________ stage of his purchase decision. A) information choice B) problem recognition C) product choice D) postpurchase evaluation E) evaluation of alternatives 15) Cameron loves to know about and purchase the most up-to-date technological gadgets. Among his friends, he is almost always the first to own the newest electronic product. Often the products that Cameron buys become adopted by large groups of consumers, but occasionally...
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