Essay for 3 Idiots

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Aal Izz Well!
I am a sucker for witty and funny movies that touch or reach out to the heart at the same time. It’s quite rare to find a movie that will leave quite a mark on you and will keep you thinking for days after you’ve watched it. So as I went to attend my philosophy class last July 5, 2011, I wasn’t really expecting to watch an interesting movie. I thought that maybe we would watch a documentary film about Plato, or a serious, psychological/philosophical film at the very least. However, to my surprise, it was actually a film worth-watching and worth-recommending to others. The film is entitled “3 Idiots”, a film that has become a highest-grossing Bollywood film in India. And I’m not very surprised when I learned about this. I find it very entertaining and amusing, but it is not all about gags and jokes. It actually brings about enlightenment to the viewers. Aside from all the humor and laughter, it makes you reflect about life and how you live your own. If you think about it, you’ll find that some of the views and philosophies of famous thinker/philosopher like Buddha and Confucius are in parallel with the values and way of thinking being depicted in the film by its characters. According to the teachings of Buddha, a conscious man is a problematic man. This was illustrated by both Raju and Farhan. Raju was too conscious of the problems dealt by the members of his family and he got too pressured to become the solution to their problems that he failed to focus on himself and enjoy his life. He concentrated too much only on the pressure brought about by the situation of his family and nothing else. On the other hand, Farhan was too conscious of the opinion of his parents, (especially of his father) that he pursued the dream of his father, which is for him to become an engineer, instead of chasing after his own passion and dream of becoming a wildlife photographer. One of the antagonists in the film named Chatur can also be considered as a “conscious...
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