Essay : Famous Place Would You Like to Visit

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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Topic The famous place would you like to visit.use details and reason to support your answer


If I have a chance to visit a famous place,i would like to visit pyramid,which is the one of oldest building in the world and the only ones still remaining intact today.This is because I want to find out how it was built and to see it directly and find the true about myths of pyramid. Fisrt of all the question about how pyramid was built has been mysterious and difficult to understand.I would like to go there to find out how the ancient Egyptians could move million tons of tone without using any modern technologies .I also want to discover how they used small metal tools to shape the large rocks and how they fit them together.All of these question motivate me to figure out pyramid.Thus I always look forward to visit this famous place,even just one time in my life. Second,I would like to visit this place because I want to see it directly.when I was a student ,I have read a lot of book and seen movies about pyramid,but I have not gone to watch directly.If I go there,I would have opportunities to see directly its shape and structure.I would go inside to see how it look like and touch its surface. In addition,I would have take photos about this mysterious place and own these pictures. Finally,when I was a child,my parents told me a lot of mysterious stories about pyramid,and when I went to school,my teachers also told me some myth of pyramid.This interested me to find out these secrets of pyramid.If I could go there,I would have chances to talk with people who live around this building and they would tell me the true about mysteries and legends of pyramid. Now, have saved money to fulfil my dream to go to famous and mysterious pyramid.If I save enough money,my dream will come true, and I will have chances to find out how pyramid was built and the true about myths of this building, and I have opportunity to see it directly.
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