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  • Published : December 16, 2014
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Appearance has been rated as a distinct feature in many different organizations worldwide. Often, we human beings give a lot of importance to the way we look in order to either impress others or to gain attention. It is important, although it cannot be the sole reason for you to be looked upon as gente. An inherent fact of living in society is that people are constantly judging each other. There are several ways in which a person may be judged, for example, for its achievements, personality, way of thinking, etc. However, while some people think that a person should never being judged by its external appearances, others reject this idea. Therefore, the most important thing when we see any person that we don't judge on him by his or her external appearances. There are three reasons in my opinion. First, external appearances don't reflect the essence of person. Second, in some events, people have similar of appearances external. Finally, sometimes the circumstance makes a person look like less or unseemly. I believe that external appearances don't reflect the essence of the person. Sometimes people judge a person negatively by his or her external appearances; however, after they know him or her, they change their judgment. One of my friends who face this problem said that some people judge him negatively, nevertheless after they get to know each other, they become friends then. In some events, people have similar of appearances external. When you attend any formal occasion, you often see similar costumes that the people are wearing. So, you can't know who is a good or bad person before you know him or her because they are in disguise. Thus, you can't judge people by their external appearances. If you do that, you should have the same judgment on all of them. In fact, that is a big mistake to judge people in this way.

Sometimes the circumstances which a person passes through make him or her seem unacceptable. When I moved to my current house, I met one of the...
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