Essay Ending with I Promise Never Do It Again

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1.Mrs ho told us __________interesting story.
A. A
B. An
C. the
2.there is not ___________sugar left in the jar.
A. Any
B. Many
C. Much sister is not free because ________is revising ___________lessons A. She,she
B. She,her
C. Her,herself
4.karim has something to tell all of______________
A. Us
B. We
C. Our
D. They
5.the little girl sitting _______________ jean and robbert my cousin. A. In
B. At
C. Above
D. Between
6.the bird s are flying ______________ their nest.
A. At
B. For
C. Towards
7.azrul has few friends ____________ of his hot temper.
A. Or
B. And
C. But
D. Because new neighbour is very nice _____________friendly.
A. Or
B. So
C. And
9.we are very fortunate to live in a ____________country. A. Playful
B. Faithful
C. Careful
D. Peaceful
10.all the pupil had left the is __________now. A. Full
B. Small
C. Empty
D. Hollow
11.___________ pair of shoes is yours?
A. Who
B. What
C. When
D. Which
12.__________is the moral of this story?
A. Who
B. What
C. When
13.she always ___________a sad look on her face.
A. Has
B. Had
C. Have
14.the things in that shop are very expensive { this question based on antoyms} A. High
B. Unique
C. Cheap
D. Valuable

15.shanti is the most intelligent girl
A. Active
B. Jealous
C. Brilliant
D. Powerful to spell
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