Essay Destructors by Graham Green

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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A war always leaves a great impact on people´s lives. It changes their temper, their lifestyles and, thus, their relationship with others. The consequences of a war are wisely depicted in Graham Green´s story, the destructors, through its main characters: Trevor (usually) called to, Blakie and “Old Misery”. (Mr. Thomas) To begin with, Trevor; T, is the latest recruit of the gang. Because of his witty ideas, he becomes the leader of it. He is portrayed as a cunning and cold blooded boy, especially when he comes up with the whole plan of pulling out Mr. Thomas´s house. Not only has he got everything well-planned, but also he has considered every detail thoroughly. Apart from that, T. is decisive and determined: “T. was giving his orders with decision: it was as though this plan had been with him all his life…” (Page 164). Secondly, there is Blackie, who was the former leader of the gang. Everybody shows him respect and obeys every command he gives. However, when T. has a better plan that the ones Blackie has ever proposed, he is underestimated and no longer the leader of the gang. That’s why, he loses part of that respect. At the beginning, he is reluctant with T´s plan because he knows his actions have been diminished: “he went away to the back of he car-park and began to kick a stone…” (page 163). Apart from that, Blackie is more naïve than T. He is more emotional whereas T. is wore rational and cold-blooded. This is clearly shown when T. shows Blackie he has found Mr. Thomas´s savings, and the following conversation follows: “´you hate him a lot? ´ Blackie asked. ´Of course I don’t hate him! T. said. ´There´d be no fun if I hated him´…´All this hate and love´, he said, ´it´s soft, it´s hooey. There´s only things, Blackie´… (Page 166). Thirdly, there is Mr. Thomas, who the boys call “Old Misery”. He used to be a builder and a decorator. Now, he lives alone in a partially deteriorated house, though it is the only house which...
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