Essay Death Penalty

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Opinion Essay- Death penalty
“You are sentenced to death!” Every murderer is startled by hearing these horrifying words from the judge. That sentence announces the end of their lives. Those criminals disappear from this world and nobody has ever to be afraid of their reoffending. But is it ethically justified to end a person’s life by law? Anybody would claim that it is bad to kill. Nevertheless a lot of them are for the death penalty which would be a contradiction in itself. With this in mind, I would like to point out some facts that show that this penalty should be supported. The main criticism of the death penalty is that we do not think of the possibility that the criminals change their minds after being convicted. They just would not be given the chance to show that they have become different if they were simply killed. To demonstrate how wrong this conclusion is, I would like to mention the case of Terry Venables, a British child murderer who was set free after a long period of imprisonment and though by then he was considered harmless, he reoffended. But then there are people whose opinions are that those criminals should be sent to lifelong imprisonment instead of ending their lives. Yet they are likely to get out after fifteen years which could again cause more victims. Previously it would have been normal to hang or behead criminals who have committed severe crimes. As s result of the declaration of the human rights the people started to develop feelings that it is not correct to do so. Currently the political regulations tend to be against the lethal sentence nevertheless the wish for cruel punishments exists in many people’s minds. I believe that the idea of reintroducing the death penalty cannot be too bad. In fact I can think of more pros than cons considering that reintroduction. Furthermore, let us take a look at the expenses of alternative imprisonment such as lifelong imprisonments or tags. The tax payers have to pay for the fact that...
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