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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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As our requirement for our DBMS subject, we interviewed Mr. Charleton Lopez, one of the database administrators hired by Accenture, last Saturday at SM Mall of Asia.
During the interview, there are some key points from what Mr. Lopez said that caught my attention. There’s this one line that talks about the law of supply and demand. He applied it when he was just starting out in the corporate world. According to him, he didn’t focus on getting the kind of job that a lot of people are competing for; instead, he went for the job that most of the people doesn’t dare to try. In order to be qualified for that, he reinvented himself in a way that he can still use what he already knew. And because of his drive to excel at something people rarely try, he became successful with the job that he is in at this present time, which is being a team lead in a group of database administrators at Accenture. In the interview with Mr. Charleton Lopez, I realized that there are certain things that I do not know that I should learn and be aware of in order to fully understand and truly want the path that I am to take in the future. Before, because I.T is not really my first course choice to take, I usually took it for granted that it became the reason of acquiring failed grades in one of my major subjects for the first time in my student life. I think it was a wake up call for me that time, that’s why since then, I persevered to achieve good and decent grades and not to ever fail my subjects again---may it be a major or a minor subject. With that mindset, thankfully, I haven’t had any failing grades yet nor will I get any in the future. There are also some really important things that I learned during the interview that I can use someday if I am to find a job related to my course. First one is that, you really have to put yourself out there for you to be able to really know what’s in store for you in the real world. You have to be knowledgeable and updated about the line of work you...
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