Essay: Corruption - the Cancer of Souls

Topics: Meaning of life, Human, Thought Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Corruption – Its not only in India that we are seeing this, but well developed countries like USA are primes examples of corruption. And this can very well be seen in Micheal Moore’s documentaryFahrenheit 9/11 . Anyway, the point is that corruption has become a part of parcel of our lives, but it shouldn’t be that way. Maybe people now lack moral values?? What ever it is, I think we people have to change this because there are other major problems that we human being have to see than corruption. Anyway… While coming back from my College in the bus, I was noticing the bus conductor while he was busy collecting money from people. And I was wondering, is he really satisfied with the current status of his life ? Isn’t he ambitious? Or does he or doesn’t he wish to live in a mansion with people around him saluting and nothing much to worry about except just enjoy life and party hard. And then it struck me.. Our whole education is ambition-orientated. Our whole society is ambitious. Ambitious to do big, to become the president, prime minister or the next TATA/Ambani/Birla. But not everyone in the society can become one, can they? Think about it! But since only one person can be a president, a mad race begins. A race to power, money, status and MOAR – Every mean – and that when corruption rolls in. The mind of an ambition man is bound to be corrupt. Osho Says – The Indian Govt. should run by merit. Basically the majority party should find highly qualified and experienced specialists and experts in different fields of government – like education, health, finance and rest — and form the council of ministers with them. And this is very true. Democracy is not the highest goal. Its better than dictatorial regimes and even better than monarchies, but is it the end of the journey? I think not. Because in class 10 in civic lecture we were taught, democracy basically means govt by the people, of the people, for the people, but – THE PEOPLE ARE RETARDED. Imagine if Indian is...
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