Essay on the correlations between WWI & WWII as well as an in depth view of how the Holocaust occured.

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  • Published: February 23, 2006
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World War One and World War Two were wars in direct correlation with each other. Although separated by more than three decades actions taken at the close of WWI directly affected the beginning of WWII. Germany, one of the initial aggressors in WWI, was severely punished at the conclusion of WWI. Through numerous diplomatic policies and the Versailles treaty Germany was severely restricted in trade and economic practices. Between that and other things such as a horrible flu epidemic, unparalleled unemployment rate and international stock market collapses Germany quickly spiraled into an economic and social downfall. Between the crippling economic situation and the severely limited productions capability Germany faced incredible problems in even the most basic functions of a nation. Germany was in a dire situation, but in 1924 Adolf Hitler was released from jail for a failed coup attempt. Upon his release he quickly rose to power utilizing remarkable political savvy. In an astonishingly small amount of time Hitler rose from an individual in jail to one of the most powerful and influential people in the world.

Adolf Hitler's rise to power began when he was hired by the Weimar Republic to spy on radical left wing activities. The Weimar Republic wanted to crush leftist and communist movements so they send Hitler to spy on the newly formed German Workers' Party. But Hitler does not just spy on this newly created group. Although their objectives are things Hitler does not agree with he quickly begins to mold the group into his own image. He basically turns it around completely; it began as a left wing group with interests in workers rights, insurance, health care and similar ideas, but it quickly became a nationalistic group of ex-military individuals. In 1920 Hitler renames the party the National Socialist Workers Party, or simply abbreviated as the Nazi's. This ultra nationalist group wanted the repudiation of Versailles and talks about "race and space" and...
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