Essay Conset to Kill

Topics: Vince Flynn, Terrorism, Kill Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn

In this essay I will talk about the story, chapters and characteristics from de book Consent to kill by Vince Flynn. Is one of America's best fiction writers, and his books are always on the New York Times Bestsellers List. His books are all fast paced, action loaded thrillers, that will keep you up all night to finish each story. I recommend reading them in order, as listed, so you don't miss any crucial details in the storylines. All of his books involve subjects such as espionage, intelligence services, special forces, suspense, terrorism, and military strategy. If you like the television show 24, you will like his books, as he's one of the writers for that popular tv series. Consent To Kill revolves around Rapp and his intended killers. Rapp, no stranger to assassination himself, has caused the death of a Saudi terrorist. The dead man's father, a billionaire, seeks revenge against the CIA contract employee, hires a couple of French killers, and off we go on a wild adventure tale of murder, explosions, wire-tapping, political intrigue and, of course, barrels of danger. Alternating the chapters, Flynn expertly allows us to follow the day-to-day operations of the perfectionist would-be killers as they lay out their plans and place them in motion to eliminate Rapp. The next chapter takes us on a trip into Rapp's efforts at accomplishing his assigned task in the world of anti-terror. Then, back to the killers. As if Rapp doesn’t have enough problems, he is also burdened with a political appointee as his superior, the National Security Advisor to the President, who detests Rapp and his partner, Scott Coleman. The security advisor, Mark Ross, is also opposed to the way they do their and the government’s business, which is always unofficial and, quite often, illegal. Still, Rapp usually gets results. Ross serves as an obstructionist throughout the book, disrupting Rapp’s efforts and methods to combat world terrorism. Mitch Rapp, a...
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