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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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In the article, “college pressure” by William Zinsser, he convinced his theory about college pressures is about the main major pressures that measure our success in the future. Zinsser notes that college hyper-pressured as rat race leads them to financial security future which had expected for many generations of students. His sympathy to the student has trying to convince students that failure isn’t the end of the world. He is trying to tell us that this failure will give us strength to success in future.

Zinsser shift to his believe that everyone have to experience the feeling about failure and success in college life. He understands that college is a heavy pressure to the most of student. These student need a “…intangible something that will look better on the paper….”.if a paper like sacred to secure their future. He mentions that college is a hard life. They have to work hard to enroll in good university. Especially students who want to graduate to get a job, they have to narrow their required class to get a high grade. He wants student to experience some of failure, so they can understand better about college pressure.

Zinsser also tell us how a life of a student in a college. These students have to find a way to pay for their college. From the article point as “.Private college the tuition fee is about 7,000 without counting book fees... Because of the inflation, the tuition only cover only 60 % for education fee….Everything is up, deficits are up.” Since college money every year when up, the student have to find job to cover their fee. Some students loan money from school to pay their fee and other have to find part time and full job to earn the money to pay for the school fee. He wants to tell us that college fee concern most of the students, who want to go college.

He concludes in his article that each people have different way to achieve their success in different ways. The author evaluates his article by point out the major pressure that most of...
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