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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Lilian Camacho 19/02/13

What social changes were produces to citizens in the United States during the Cold War?

The Cold War began because of a debate between two world superpowers, the United States and the USSR. The USSR functioned as Communist government and the United States operated with Capitalism. After the United States ended up winning the Cold War and the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States became the only world superpower and still is today. That makes huge social change in American society. Social movements begin to appear, which fought for self-determination and equality

"The personal is political." (Joan D. 2012) That’s a phrase that represents the new social change in US during the 60s and 70s; the Women's Liberation Movement was one of them. During the 60s, women were refuse leadership positions and activities were denied and they didn’t have any recognition earned. By the middle of 1960s, women start to react and convince themselves to protest for their rights. First in the civil rights movement, with a statement written by Mary King and Casey Hayden, and in the anti-war movement ‘‘women radicals began to demand equity and respect as activists.’’

According to Reich, Western civilization, or capitalism government, had made people ask and wonder about sexual morality. However, thanks to various modern social and scientific organizations or groups, sexuality will be for the first time a source of information and will bring full human autonomy. The first birth control pill, went on the market in 1960. According to Nancy L, five years later, 6 million American women were on the Pill. Teenagers or young adults were the true warriors on this sexual revolution. They were the once who took their sexuality into their own hands.

The hippie was an originally subculture across the United States during the 60s. They for the first time experience the largest uncontrolled epidemic with drugs of all times. "You'll dig it,...
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