Essay Based on Film “Alexander Nevsky”(1938)

Topics: Russian language, Russia, Sergei Eisenstein Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Essay based on film “Alexander Nevsky”(1938)
Film ”Alexander Nevsky” directed by Sergei Eisenstein is regarded as masterpiece of Soviet cinematograph. The main idea is quite simple – confrontation between Russian folk and the invaders, Teutonic knights. The film is based on battle on the lake Chudskoe, where Alexander and his army defeated armies of enemy. Watching the film, we can notice that structure is very clear, events are linear, all characters are completed, they either good or bad. Topic of good and evil is strongly marked here – no halftones, spectator from the beginning knows who he should support. Historical topic here is used as a tool, not a goal itself – eventually only winning of simple people over foreign enemy counts. We can not discuss the choice of such historical event without analyze the atmosphere of 1930s. There was a premonition of war and Stalin needed to pull together simple folks, that is why in film much attention is paid to unity of people against Germans. So we can say that history here plays a role of canvas which producer fills with proper ideas. The most important one is struggle of great Russian folk against invaders till the victory. This nationalistic message is very effective, it provokes special feelings about your native country (Rodina) and nowadays Russians respond about this film as “patriotic masterpiece”. The main character that sets a tone of movie is Alexander Nevsky. We can see courageous, brave, strong Prince that can defend country. At the beginning of film he speaks with representatives of Mongols – another, Eastern invader. Even there, as a Prince of conquered country, he stands very strong and confident, and spectator starts to feel respect to him at the beginning already. On the other hand, he acts like a simple person – he does fishing with peasants, wears simple clothes, sleeps with his troops. Alexander is not only a Prince here; he is leader of simple people that worry about their country....
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