This essay is about the Areas OF Studies in Drama unit.

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  • Published: January 4, 2004
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For coursework unit two I have studied HOMELESSNESS and REFUGEES. I have explored:

*The meaning of homelessness and refugees.

*The reasons that make people homeless.

*Society's attitudes towards the homeless and refugees.


Basically, 'homeless' means people who have nowhere to live, and 'refugees' means people who have been forced to leave their country, either because there is a war there or because of their political or religious beliefs.

Before we look at the reasons that make people especially teenagers homeless, let us look at what the word HOME means to the homeless:

Home is where you live, where you feel comfortable, a place to sleep in; it is where you feel safe and secure. Home is somewhere you return to, it is happiness and its life.

Nearly 50% of the people who are homeless and live in the UK are teenagers. In addition, the reasons they became homeless are:


*Parents abusive

*Sexual harassment

*Parents breaking up

One character that I created was the teenager Yasmine, who became homeless because of her step-dad who treated her very badly. When she went to search for a job, she was rejected because she was under age and she did not have any qualifications for the job. I thought it was important to create three-dimensional characters that the audience could relate to. This was why I decided my character should be a teenager and why I chose to set my plays in recognizable British cities.


One of the tasks that I did during this unit was the story of Adriatic. The story was about a boy who had to run away from home and leave his country because the police were after him because he was protesting about the closure of his school. The police arrested him and beat him. Then Adriatic had to do what the police asked him to do and he had to leave his mum.

My role in the play was Adriatic's mother and the structure that we used in the play was flashbacks and flash-forwards. I came up with the idea of using both structures. In the flashback, we showed the way that he was arrested and we used flash-forwards to show Adriatic's decision and the consequences of it.

I thought that my character was very sad and I think the way that I was speaking, my facial expressions and my voice made the audience feel sympathy for the character, so that I think that my characterization was very successful and it made the structure very effective.


One task that I did during the unit was a monologue. I had to play either someone that was homeless or had been homeless. I chose to play a person who had been homeless. My monologue was very different from other people's monologues because mine was like telling the story of how I became homeless and that I am going to die because I am suffering from a horrible disease (HIV) because I was on drugs. My monologue was suitable for teenagers and adults. I thought it was not suitable for children because of the strong language, besides children will not understand about drugs and diseases.


The task in which I focused on was a piece of drama showing the experiences of a homeless person. We used Pro-active narrator in order to change the outcome of events. I came up with the idea of performing in the street. The play was about a woman who works in a hostel who was trying to be nice to a homeless boy by helping him to find a place he can stay in. My character in the screen was a kind woman (angel) but the pro-active narrator is being evil to the homeless boy, so we froze and the pro-active narrator started speaking and took everything from the homeless boy and rewound the scene and made my character very horrible, then started to see the scene in her way. When I was rehearsing, I thought about the staging and I came up with the staging (thrust) because I thought it would...
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