Essay: Animal Farm

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Essay: Animal Farm
Haju Song

Before reading the book ‘Animal Farm’, I focus on the historical events that happened when the book is written. In this case, the book ‘Animal Farm’ has been written in the revolution of Russia. The author of this book criticizes the socialism of past Russian economy which made every citizens starve to death; otherwise the wealthy people lived like a nobles. The story begins with a small farm, which ruled by owner Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones dreamed about an ideological farm, which is ruled by animal’s representative. This really happened after Mr. Jones died. Pigs known as the smartest animals in the farm, ruled the farm. Under the pigs’ authority, other animals like Boxer, Clover, Molly, Benjamin followed them. I have learned that the leader of the socialism country is usually a schemer rather than a theorist. Same as the story, there are two famous leader of the farm, who is Snowball and Napoleon. Snowball is a theorist in this country, and he suggests the main and critical laws and decisions to help the farm members. However, Napoleon is very selfish dictator who only wants to receive his own benefits and not cares others. He starts to dictate the farm, by killing the entire Snowball group member. Then Napoleon starts to apply socialism in the farm. Everybody works, and everybody divides the profit of work in the same amount. It seems like to be a good idea, which everybody could work and everybody could live happily. However, the dictation of Napoleon is soon completely ruined because the socialism was very ideal, and also dangerous idea. According to the professors of economy and social studies, Socialism fails when the leader or someone in the high position of the group starts to abuse the power for earning their own benefits. In this story, the pigs counterfeit the finance of their farm, and let pigs only use the black money and live like nobles. This shows the dark side of the Russian Socialism ruined their citizens...
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