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Topics: Carrefour, Hypermarket, Tesco Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Retail section- Carrefour.
Here we go to the retail section. Carrefour, when this word comes to your mind, almost everyone of us know about it, it is a French international hypermarket chain with the slogan “Choice and quality for everyone”, headquartered in Levallois-Perret (Business, 2012). Carrefour Group is one of the world’s leading distribution groups. The first Carrefour store opened on 1 January 1958 in suburban Annecy, We share a dream: to make Carrefour a business that is recognised and loved for helping its customers and consumers enjoy a better quality of life, each and every day (Group.).

The Group has formulated a policy based on convenience, trust, low prices and quality products an services. All over the world, Carrefour is working to bring consumer products within the reach of the greatest number of people. It is succeeding by tightly integrating its stores into the local fabric, adapting its product lines and services, providing continuing professional training to its employees and taking actions to support local sustainable development in the regions where it operates. The customers of Carrefour are widely covered. Mostly, Carrefour will locate in large city; they provide daily consuming products to citizens. To a large scale, Carrefour customers are almost everybody. As Carrefour has come to our daily life, and has offered us a great deal of convenience here we will see how information system has worked inside Carrefour.

Carrefour as a giant of retail company, the inflow and outflow of its products are all in huge amount. Therefore how Carrefour manages its inventory and stock is a massive question which beyond our imagination. However, when it goes to information system, it seems the massive process itself become a much more simple process. With the adoption of information system, we can say that information system made it possible for Carrefour to grow internationally. There is no doubt that IS and information technology is...
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