Essay About the Five People You Meet in Heaven

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  • Published : March 19, 2011
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Essay about The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Subject: Compare Eddie’s encounters with death during his life and the experience of his own death.
Eddie was an 83 years old man. He worked in Ruby Pier, an amusement park, where he maintained the rides during all his life. He really didn’t like his job. During his life, Eddie saw the death of a lot of person that he knew: his wife, his father, his “war friend”. He was linked to some of this deaths but he didn’t know. It’s only when he died and when he went to Heaven that he learned this fact. His experiences after his death, when he is in Heaven, explain many things about Eddie’s life. That’s what we will see in this analysis.

The death of the Blue Man is a perfect example to illustrate the statement. One day when Eddie was 8, he was playing baseball with friends and suddenly, his ball went on the road. Eddie ran after the ball without looking if there were cars and arrived in front of an automobile. The car just misses him. Eddie took his ball and ran away without thinking at the conductors. A few days after, Eddie had to go to the funeral of a man, he didn’t want to go there and he didn’t know that he had played a role on this death. Page 51: “Eddie had been there, a little boy, fidgeting through the ceremony, with no idea of the role he’d played in it.” After his death, he met the conductor of the car he had run in front of. He didn’t why he is here. The Blue Man explains to Eddie that he killed him. We can see that the Blue Man is here to teach something to Eddie, like the four other people that Eddie will meet in Heaven. Page 49: “You are here so I can teach you something. All the people you meet here have one thing to teach you.” Thanks to his own death, Eddie learnt something about the death of a man that he was linked without knowing it.

Eddie had many other encounters with the death. One of them was when he lost his wife, Marguerite. He was very sad since his love’s death and suffered a lot because...
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