Essay About Robert Frost

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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If you walk down a road in mid-winter under a bright blue starry sky, with the air so called it seems to thaw only as you breathe in, you see mountains piled up against each other, stone fences stretching across fields of dried cornstalks ,and white birches with crackling black branches. Your feet crunch against the snow ,while the crow caws ,caws ,caws about the called. This is the world of Robert frost`s poetry.—snow ,and crows and birches, as well as brooks and asters and hayfields and autumn leaves. Seldom has a poet been so identified with a region as Robert frost has with new England, though he himself would not have claimed this. His poems have the feel of sudden lines that surprised him. You catch a poem as it comes, he once said. What he caught where new England- and about life. On march 26,1874,frost was born in Sanfransisco, which is about as far as you can get from new England and still be in the continental united states. Frost`s father was a journalist who edited a city news paper, and his mother was a teacher. Frost eventually tried his hand at both professions. His father was born in the south but moved to New Hampshire to become a journalist. He left the region during the civil war and moved to California. As if to tweak the nose of new England , he named his son after the South`s most famous general , Robert .e. lee. But after his fathers death in 1885, eleven year old Robert, his sister Jeanie ,and their mother returned to new England. The family had no money , so they lived with Robert`s grandfather in Lawrence ,Masachusets. It is never easy to return home, though. Frost hated his work as a bobbin boy in his grandfather`s mills. He disliked his grandfather`s strictness and the way he made frost mother made responsible for his father`s death. Soon his mother could stand it no longer. She went a few miles south to Salem, new Hampshire, to teach, settling herself and her family with a nearby farmwife. The pay was poor ,so frost took a job as a cobbler, nailing heels to boots, to help pay the rent. Frost did well at the village school in Salem. During the next three years , frost`s grandfather offered to for the train fare that would allow him to attend Lawrence high school. Frost was elated and soon became the top student in his class. When frost was sixteen, he began to write poetry, jotting down words that seemed to just come in to his mind . but he was not yet thinking of becoming a poet . Perhaps he was more thinking about Elinor white with whom he had shared the highest honors in his school when they graduated in 1892. The years after his graduation were frustrating for frost . His grandfather demanded that he go on to Dartmouth , but frost was not interested in college. He was interested in poetry, however , and soon all he was doing was wandering through the woods reading a collection of British poems, so he left Dartmouth and returned to Lawrence. He worked in the mills again and kept reading and writing. When he was nineteen, he sent his first poem to a magazine called `the independent`. It was accepted, and he knew he wanted to be a poet . Even a poet needs income, so he tried his father`s profession- writing for a weekly newspaper called the sentinel. He liked the writing , but hated prying in to things he thought were none of his business. He quit after only a few months, then taught school with his mother and sister. In 1895, Ellinor White came to teach with them , and soon afterward, in December , she and frost were married. But frost did not enjoy, teaching young children, and there was little money coming in . The following year, the frost had a...
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