Essay About Mixed Martial Arts

Topics: Mixed martial arts, Violence, Domestic violence Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: September 22, 2012
A dramatic orchestration of bodies and limbs, Mixed Martial Arts is fighting at its absolute best. Behind all the sweat, blood and large muscles lies two men in a desperate struggle as old as time itself. When these men step into the octagon, 10,000 years of civilization are stripped away and is replaced with the primal necessity to be the best in order to survive. When they fight, they don't do just for the fame, the money or even for the advancement of the sport. They fight because of this fulfillment that they receive, the need to proclaim that they are the alpha male. Most fights don't even happen in the ring, where there is fame and fortune to be had, most of these fights happen in the streets, in gang wars, in fight clubs, and even in schools. Wherever two men fight for power physically, there is MMA.

MMA is a cross discipline sport. It encompasses all of the fighting styles, but only the best suited are used in the ring. Official MMA fights are governed by a strict body of rules that protect the well being of the competitors. Even with these rules in place, the violent nature of the sport still brings with it many injuries, and, at very rare cases, even fatalities. The UFC is the most famous body of MMA as of recent times. They provide a medium for the best fighters to compete and prove their mettle against the hundreds of men that belong to the sport. This seemingly new type of sport is deeply rooted in the human psyche. In order to fulfill the need for violence and action that is usually frowned upon by modern society, people turn to these kinds of activities. Even watching a fight brings forth fantasies of controlled violence, a welcome aversion from the monotony of everyday life.

Mixed Martial Arts does not exist only within the confines of the octagon, or even in our TV sets. Every day, perfectly normal family men with stable jobs, wives and even children take up arms in fight clubs scattered throughout the world. In there the rules...
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