Essay About Male Discrimination

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Male Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: March 4, 2011
What men got and what men lost
- the discrimination against men

In present age, gender discrimination, especially male discrimination is increasingly controversial. Whether the discrimination against men exists or not has sparked much debates. Personally, although men enjoyed priorities during the old times, I admit the existence of male discrimination as men are now receiving unfair treatment in many concepts of their life, such as enduring worse working conditions and taking more responsibility of their broken family life. Male discrimination is undeniable in our modern culture.
A convincing argument can be made that our conventional culture is more tolerant and forgiving towards men. To start with appellation in both eastern and western countries, in most cases, married women have to change their last names into their husbands’ names. Even if one’s husband passes away, she is still called someone’s widow. This situation indicates that our custom deeply implies that females are only accessories to males. Moreover, our language also provides some evidences for us. In English, some specific words like “postman” ”fireman” “policeman”and”chairman” are all ended with a “man”, though these jobs are shared by both men and women. In Chinese, many derogatory terms are related to females. Furthermore, it is generally believed that boys are better than girls in some developing countries. To be more specific, in China, according to the news, the birth rate of boys and girls is 117 : 100, which normal rate should be 102 : 100. This abnormal rate is certainly caused by male superiority in some rural areas, because most girl babies are killed before they come to the world. Thus, there is no doubt that conventional culture has more obvious female discrimination than men. Apparently, men enjoy certain priorities from customs.

However, in the contemporary culture, discrimination against women gradually reduced. Dose this mean that men are being discriminated...
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