Essay About Losing Respect for Someone

Topics: Rebellion, Narcissism, Walk This Way Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: October 19, 2011
As a child I would spend a week over at his house every summer, since he was only eighteen years older than me he was more like a friend than an uncle. He would drink whiskey and play Nintendo Mario Kart with me in his living room for hours at a time. He drove a bright red Ducati that he was always parked in the garage next to his Sea Doo, four-wheeler and lifted white Chevy suburban. The walls were covered with posters of the Blues Brothers, bikini clad women, rebel flags, and southern rock bands. He had the time for these hobbies because he didn’t work and if he made money it wouldn’t matter to him. His father was a successful, self-made businessman who had left him upwards of ten million dollars upon his untimely death; however, this proved to be more of a burden for him than a gift. He never had to grow up or make mature decisions because he had been given anything he would ever need in his life. Since he never had to be a man and face the real world he was stuck in a fantasy state of mind, in which he could do whatever pleased. At a young age I respected my uncle and viewed him as a brave, opinionated, rebellious individual who wasn’t interested in doing what society demanded of him. I thought he was different or special because he didn’t work and could spend more time with me, but as I matured and my values changed, I realized that he was immature and afraid of success. He used his confident, rebellious, narcissistic attitude to cover up the fact that he was actually afraid of the world. He ended up becoming the man that he was when he was twenty-two, when his father died in a head on car wreck due to a drunk driver swerving in his lane. This was right after he had sold his business to one of the wealthiest investors in the country, meaning that the trust would be passed on to him. It was originally intended to be a small college fund but the company grew much faster than expected and my uncle ended up with millions of dollars dropped in his lap at the age...
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