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Today, we are going to conduct CFOSP Rifle and Carbine Practice 12. The overall aim of the practice is to determine if the firer can group in all positions. The purpose of the practice is to prepare the firer for the personnel weapons test.


6.Number 1 relay will start at the firing point, Number 2 relay will be in the background activities area and Number 3 relay will be in the butts. Once Number 1 relay has finished its grouping firing and zeroing of its weapons, we will proceed to a rotation.


1.Safety precautions must be respected at all times. The following points must be remembered:

a.Flags. Explain the location and purpose. Red flags are required at the entrance of the firing range and at the height of the butts backstop. There is a red and green flag required on the firing line and the butts;

b.Arcs. Explain.

c.Weapon Safety:

(1)Weapon is aimed at the butts when it is loaded;
(2)The weapon is handled in the proper manner(EMPHASIZE MUZZLE AWARENESS); (3)Explain what the firer must do if unable to remedy a stoppage; (4)All staff and firers on or near the firing point will wear hearing protection and BEW during firing;

(5)All weapons must be cleared before leaving the firing line; (6)If aircraft or animals enter in the arcs of fire, firing must cease (except on the 25 m firing range); and

(7)Helmets and BEW must be worn at all times in the butts.

2.Words of command. (describe the words of command that will be used on your range). The words of command that will be used are as you were taught in the classroom, IE LOAD, READY, UNLOAD however, your actions on the firing point will be as fol:

a.STOP. Weapons on safe and pointed down range( Can be called by anyone if you witness an unsafe act;

b.CHECK FIRE. (Given by range staff) the UNLOAD will be given, and then await further instructions.

3.Movement. All movement on the range will be controlled by the...
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