Essay About Exibition "Red"

Topics: Color, Emotion, Gamut Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: January 16, 2013
An important aspect which can affect our emotional world, also has colors that are around us every day. In this regard, I decided to go to LNMM exhibition, "Red". Of a particular color can affect us positively, to encourage the vigorous activity, etc.., But probably the same color to another may seem totally unacceptable, even in adverse effects on the human psyche and physical condition. In this case, the red color had an impact on me and my views on the exhibition. This is how we feel every day, probably, in many cases also depends on what color is dominated at the point where we have to spend your time ... of a particular color can both increase power and our ability to work and creative thinking, on the contrary - to suppress , and to make us tired and stressed and. Red color with large amounts of met in the exhibition, only a positive effect on me, it increased my positive energy stocks. As we know, the day of experience and feelings affect the subconscious and dreams .... Possible, ensuring their proximity pleasing color gamut, even inadvertently can affect your senses at night, in the form of dreams. Because, as red is my favorite color, this exhibition was particularly interesting, so I am fully rechargeable and ordered to be positive for a long time. The exhibition got a small glimpse of the work of various artists, in what styles, techniques were use. Both work and color-red, it had started to show a strong positive and I think that affected the great any exhibition visitors. Color, which one is favorable, mildly stimulant, the other may be too exciting. Does the tone of one seems pleasant and soothing, can be completely indifferent to each other. I felt that the exhibition "Red," has opened many senses and brought me the spring, winter and drove the gray mood, created a new sensation. We now know that color lens effect to all be equal, subjective responses can be different. The human sense of color may vary depending on the psycho-emotional state,...
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