Essay About - Do Young People Trust Politicians?

Topics: Critical thinking, Lie, United States Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Do young people trust politicians

In this essay I want to define if young peole do trust politicians, and why they do or do not do. This is especially because of the latest elections in the United states a good question. The major problem with the politicians, not only in the US also in Europe, is that they often lie during their campaigns to get as much votes as possible. They promise to boost the economy, to fight the unemployment, and to thinner the national debt. But when they are elected, politicians often do not realize their promises. So young people all over the world lose their trust in them, and think that it is useless to vote for anyone. The politicians try to get the people with charismatic and good appearances, and the most of them are good in attracting people. So they can change the thinking of some people, even when they do not trust them. But another big problem concerning young people is, that the most political issues are irrelevant for them, so they are not really interested in politic and adding the fact, that the most politicians have a bad image, many young people are avoiding the sector of politic. In my opinion the fact, that politicians often give false promises about more jobs, cutting the national debt and boosting the economy is kind of necessary, because when they say in the elections that they can not realize these things, nobody is going to vote for them. So for politicians it is better to lie to be elected, and then to try to fulfill one of these goals, which is much harder than we “normal” people think. But because of these necessary lies the politicians lose the trust of the people.
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