Essay About Digital and Photo Camera

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Comparison between
Digital Cameras and Film Cameras

The electronics devices companies had made new electronics digital devices for their customers that approach with old versions. These new devices made big changing in electronics world, because they have new options that different from old devices, the digital facilities in these new electronics devices made them common in the market and made so many people hurry to the electronics section in the stores to buy them quickly. For example, the digital cameras in the market gave many facilities to the users and these facilities made them did without film cameras. Although new digital cameras different from film cameras in many points, but there is similarity between them.

The main obvious differences between digital cameras and film cameras are film screen, copy pictures. In digital cameras use to capture pictures without these of the film. In contrast, film cameras use it. Also, digital cameras have display screens that let the user look at the photographs immediately. In contrast, film cameras don’t have these screens. The last difference is, in digital cameras the user can copy the pictures directly from camera to the computer, but have can’t do that with film cameras. Although they have differences, but they have share more than one point, both digital cameras and film cameras have view finder, flash, and lenses to capture light. Digital cameras have auto focus and exposure, film cameras have also. In addition, digital cameras can point and=d click, as film cameras can. Not only film cameras but also digital cameras have batteries for charging.

Digital cameras and film cameras: different, yet similar. Although the two cameras differ in many points such as using film, screen availability, coping pictures. They share more than point such as flash, lenses, auto focus, exposure, chargeable batteries; therefore, it appears that most people prefer...
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