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Topics: Saudi Arabia, Network simulation, Computer networking Pages: 7 (1001 words) Published: February 10, 2013
STC Data network modeling, Assessment, Performance Evaluation, and Sizing

Submitted to

Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Prepared by

Computer Engineering Department
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Ramadan 1423H
November 2002G

Contents of Presentation

Introduction to the proposal and Importance of the Study

Objectives to be Accomplished

Discussion of the Problem Addressed

Approach to the Problem

Proposed Work And Description of Tasks

Task 1—obtain network topological information

Task 2—Construct models, Verify models, and identify the sub-network for study

Task 3—Validate the sub-network model, conduct a performance study, perform analysis and make recommendations

Task 4—Traffic Data collection

Task 5—Network traffic analysis

• Load characteristics on various parts of the network infrastructure;

• Variations of traffic loads over time;

• Break down of various types of traffic with respect to high level protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, RTP, RTSP, etc., and their characterization

• Evaluation of summary statistics, such as maximum and average injected traffic, peak time, etc.; and

• Analysis of bottlenecks and hot-spots in the network.

Task 6—Measurement Based Performance analysis

Task 7—Network sizing

Task 8—Network availability and accessibilty

Task 9—Network management and IDS

Task 10—Reporting

Task 11—Shortcourses


What KFUPM/CCSE will provide the following items to the Client?

1.A report describing the STC data network. The report shall also include a description of the identified sub-network that will be the subject of the performance study. The constructed simulation models will be attached. Additionally, the report will include the findings of network traffic analysis. This report will be done at the end of the second task (Task II).

2.A comprehensive and detailed report on the performed studies, findings, and recommendations. Recommendations will reflect in detail the required actions, upgrades, replacements, technology and services deployment needed by the STC data network. Furthermore, STC will be provided with the source code of all the simulation models developed (Task III).

3.The final report will be a comprehensive compilation of all results, efforts, and documentation.

4. Shortcourses scheduled in consultation with STC.

What KFUPM/CCSE will receive the following items from the Client?

1.All topological information related to the STC data network including network diagrams and maps.

2.Traffic information on specific network segments and resources as required.

3.Personal identification cards, vehicle registration, gate pass etc., for the movement of project personnel, equipment and materials.

Table 1Project deliverable items list:
Items to be provided by KFUPM/CCSE.

|Item |Description |Quantity |Delivery | | | | |(in months) | |A-1 |Report describing the STC data network. |1 |6 | |A-2 |A comprehensive report on the performed |1 |12 | | |studies, findings, and recommendations. | | | |A-3 |Final report |1 |12 |...
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