Essay About Access 2012

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Essay About Access 2012

By | November 2012
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access 2012 – The Place to Meet
for Austria’s Meeting Industry
Open only to trade professionals the access, the most important B2B trade show for the Austrian Meeting industry was again a full success. Held in the breath taking premises of the Vienna Hofburg, only the location was already an undeniable pull factor for the great amount of visitors attending it. It is a platform for those planning congresses, meetings and incentives and for all who provide the needed services. In the course of two days more than 200 Austrian exhibitors got the chance to present their products and services to 1.839 national and international congress, event and incentive professionals respectively top decision makers. Those decision makers were meant to be convinced in order to initiate business and beat competitors. Especially as “[t]here have never been more opportunities for the planning and organization of events. […]”, as Dr. Petra Stolba, CEO of the Austrian National Tourist Office, points out, the importance of uniqueness and standing out amongst the competition is greater than ever. One of those distinctive factors can be the trend towards sustainability and so called “Green Meetings”, that the access 2012 is as well designated to and hereby fulfilled the criteria of the Austrian eco-label scheme. * Creating a USP by Taking a Step Back

But not only the access 2012 pursues the path of Green Meetings. While strolling through one of the most impressive rooms called the “ceremony hall” and the temporary home of the Tyrolean exhibitors I had the pleasure talking to the Managing Director of the Congress Centrum Alpbach (CCA) MBA, Georg Hechenblaikner. As I lived close by for three years I asked: “How can such an inconspicuous little town be the location for an internationally well-known and well visited event like the European Forum Alpbach, the meeting that attracts intellectuals from all over the world? How can a Congress Centre, situated off the major cities, survive?”...

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