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  • Published : November 19, 2011
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AAU is a national league for basketball for all types of ages, and involves other sports and activities. The benefits of the league are that it can take you far if talented and dedicated to your sport. AAU basketball gives every kid the same opportunity to play in a competitive atmosphere. The AAU experience is different from the one you get playing on your high school team; your role changes. The prices can be a bit expensive but there are usually sponsors or motives to raise money for the team like fundraising for example.

I was always interested in basketball, but I never knew the proper rules for it. That didn’t stop me though. I practiced everyday and I would learn the rules for basketball. Eventually I came to a conclusion that I was going to try out for AAU basketball. I was having doubts in my mind about trying out though, because I was scared I wasn’t talented enough. So I had to practice a lot before the tryout till I was satisfied with my skills and what not. The tryout wasn’t extremely hard but it was tiring. The only way I knew I could make the team is if I keep up with the players. It wasn’t too hard and I just had to prove individually that I was capable of playing with this team. At the end of the tryout the coach told me I made the team and I was happy that all my hard work finally paid off. I knew that I was in for a long ride, but it would be totally worth it. In my opinion I think AAU ball is better than high school basketball that’s why I prefer AAU. I would’ve played high school but I didn’t like the way the high school teacher ran the team.

When playing AAU there is a lot of paperwork involved in case of emergencies and stuff of that nature. Once I was through with all of my paperwork came the long exhausting practices and workout drills etc. However those long drills and workouts will benefit every team player in the long run. It will because the whole team would be in shape and mentally and physically ready for our tournaments; the...
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