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She's Dating The Gangster

Color coding
† Athena Dizon (17)
† Kenji delos Reyes (18-19)
† Lucas Lazaro (18)
† Athena Abigail Tizon (18)
† Sara Jung (17)
† Jigs Bala (18-19)
† Kirby Araneta (18-19)
† Grace Matic (18-19)
† Nathan Dizon (20)
† Carlo Paez (15)
† Athena's parents
† Kenji's family
† others


love is happiness...

love is smiling when you hear that person's voice...

love is the butterflies in your tummy no matter how many times you see that person...

love is when you look at them and smile for no reason...

love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly...

love is painful..

love is hard...

love is sacrifice..

love is sadness..

“Can I live without the happiness? Can I live with that sadness? I don't know...I don't know anything anymore”

I remembered that once I fell in love with a Gangster. I don't know how and when it happened. But I do remember saying that

"I have fallen for this one of a kind stupid gangster. Oh wait, let me correct that. I LOVED this stupid gangster.. I gave him happiness while he gave me suicide in return. I know, It sucks. But I never regretted loving him in the first place, well… maybe I did."

I also remembered loving everything about him ncluding his flaws.. Friends told me that we met in a very spontaneous way.. And then everything happened so fast..

But... Who's this gangster?? I know two gangsters but..

Which one am I dating?

Chapter ONE

You wanna know a secret? Ok ok..

He’s not my first love and I’m NOT his first love. Definitely not.

So what is it that made me love and cling to him this much?

Well, he’s irritating, loud, and he’s not sweet! He’s weird, he smokes, he drinks, he goes clubbing on a weekday, and he fights and bullies a lot. Take note, A LOT. He is very moody and a bit blunt. Oh yeah, he even threatened to kill me. -- for short, HE IS A GANGSTER.

NO he’s not a criminal,  a mobster, a hoodlum or a thug. I have my own definition of a gangster you know..

I kind of pushed all of his bad traits. OK FINE. I’m sorry.

He’s nice (at times), he lets me feel that I’m extra special (kinda), he protects his friends (true), gives freebies (true) WELL HE IS RICH YOU KNOW! And he’s smart.. in a way. I mean in his own little way. 

Well, let me clear this, It’s not LOVED coz I STILL LOVE him. And yes, he threatened to KILL ME.

So let me start the story now. It was a very sunny afternoon and very boring too. I was logging on to my MSN account checking if my brother Nathan is on.

Well to my surprise, someone IMed me, and it wasn’t my brother.

I am Sushi says: Bee, sa dating lugar. Ok?

Who the heck is I am Sushi? I have added him loooong time ago but we don’t chat. I don’t even see him on.

Princess Athena says: uhh.. who’s this?
I am Sushi says: Langya bakit ka ba ganyan!?

Bakit ka ba ganyan? What the heck did I do?? What’s wrong with asking him who he is?!

Princess Athena says: seriously, I don’t know you.
I am Sushi says: si Kenji to!!!
Princess Athena says: OH! I don’t know anyone named Kenji. I am Sushi says: I know you don’t love me anymore but please. don’t be like that. don’t act like you never knew me at all..

I’m starting to get irritated. I’m bored, alone and his screen name is making me hungry! I won’t get killed if I’ll play a little, right?

Princess Athena says: So what if I’m like this? what is it to you huh? A*shole I am Sushi says: I’m really sorry. I love you… Athena ayusin na natin to.. it’s been 4 months.. please.. I miss you badly.. Princess Athena says: What if ayoko? may magagawa ka ba? LOSER. GET LOST! I am Sushi says: don’t say that.. I told you, I’m sorry. alam kong masaya ka na sa kanya, pero please.. meet me later.. I’ll wait for you there. Whatever it takes.

Wow. He is pathetic. And I am enjoying this game.

Princess Athena says: you wanna know something? I AM HAPPY RIGHT NOW! WITH HIM BESIDE ME. LOVING AND CARING FOR ME! SO PLEASE STOP...
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