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By | June 2011
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Lets look again at the question..
        Introduction – importance of English as the official second language, need for speech training in English, purpose of paper: benefits of speaking effectively Ok, for the introduction, you have to tell your audience (pendengar) why is English important in Malaysia. Although our first language is (official) BM, but English, our second language is equally important. Explain to audience WHY it is important. Ok, then, in order to speak English efficiently, they have to make sure their speech is clear. (you can see Topic 5 in your module). Then, also tell the audience that the reason you are giving this speech is to make them understand that there are a lot of benefits if they speak effective English. Ok, clear till here? Let's go to the second part

        Oral communication in English and personal development: interpersonal, group and public speaking skills contribute to language proficiency, help develop bilingual competence, increase self-confidence and self-worth, etc. Here, explain what is Oral Communication. In oral comm., you have the various types of oral comm. (refer to topic 1)..e.g. you have interpersonal, small group, public,mass comm., how can all these types of communication help you or benefit you to speak effective English. (refer to topics 2,3…8) ok, so you could stress that the more you communicate with other people in English, the better it will be for you as you become effective in that language. Ok, let me give you an example, why does a Malay speak good BM? This is because at home, when he is small, he is exposed to the language, then he goes to school, he is exposed further to the language, then he mixes with friends who speak BM, then in university, he speaks the same language …and that’s it, he has mastered the language. Similarly, if we speak English all the time, after some time, we will speak efficiently in that language. But, the problem is, we do not want to speak English or shy away...

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