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  • Published : September 25, 2014
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 Humans are being chained up, beaten down and interrogated day after day without mercy. Torture is a great issue globally today. Ill treatment is no longer effective to receive correct information in this day and age. People are losing their basic rights very often as a result to torture. Humans are treated like animals, when there are more sophisticated ways of getting information. Torture also causes a lot more problems than it fixes. Torture should not be justified because it is ineffective, inhumane and unnecessary. Torture should not be justified because torture is ineffective. Accurate information does not always result from torture. A study proves this by stating “Under torture a person will say anything to stop being tortured” (McCain). In other words, what people say while being tortured are not actual facts. Interrogators from the Middle East also agree that harsh methods were worth little to gather accurate human intelligence (Semel). If torture creates false information then it is ineffective. Torture is also ineffective in other ways too. Torture causes irrational thinking and ineffective information. Accounts from Rodgers, a torture victim, reinforce the fact that torture is ineffective. “First they make you crazy. Next you believe you are going to die, so there is no point in confessing” (Rodgers). Torture does not make you want to confess, it just makes you worried and insane. “What torture does is frighten people” (Zink). If torture only causes irrational thinking and does not make people confess accurate information then it is ineffective. Torture should not be justified because it is ineffective. Torture should not be justified because it is inhumane. One reason torture is inhumane is because it violates human rights. The USA has power to violate human rights to counter terrorism which includes torture (Gao). The United States is a world power and many other countries look to American forms of counterterrorism as a model. A study from China agrees with this saying “China tortures its citizens; this is a violation of the convention against torture” (Yang). If naturally born human rights are being taken away, then torture is inhumane. Torture also goes against human nature. Torture is goes against human nature making it Inhumane. Torture brings back animalistic characteristics that human nature has already evolved past in today’s society. “They start to poor water on you until you feel like you are suffocating” (Savage). Water boarding, a form of torture, is not human like and is something a savage would do. A Russian scholar agrees stating that torture and ill treatment are among the most serious violations of human dignity (Trofimov). If human dignity and Standards of professionalism from interrogators are lost, then torture is inhumane. Torture should not be justified if torture is inhumane. Torture should not be justified because torture is unnecessary. Torture makes problems worse and causes people to hate each other even more. Torture is also counteractive and works both ways. “We must love our enemies not torture them” (Kirk). When trying to end a conflict torture makes the conflict escalate. Torturing enemy prisoners endangers interrogators who might one day be held captive as well (McCain). Torture also causes unnecessary chaos within the public. Torture is also unnecessary because it causes chaos in the public. Intelligence of torture frightens and angers many civilians all around the war. In Libya protests have broken out after the regime tortured children and war prisoners (Bayoumy). Causing this type of commotion is irresponsible. Information must be gathered in more responsible methods (Bonzane). Information can be gathered without angering enemies and frightening the public. Torture should not be justified because it is unnecessary.

Torture should not be used; it is not an effective way of getting information. Also, Torture is against human nature. Furthermore, torture is unnecessary...
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