Essay 2

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Francisco Avila
Composition 2
Essay #2
Rough draft
Some Things to Improve Our Community Are
There are some things that we can to do to improve our community. A lot of people think that the city council is who should be in charge of improving the community. They have reasons, but to have better results the neighbors and the city council must work as a team. The most important things that we should do to improve our community is create an assembly of neighbors, create some civil teams, and the remodel of public areas. These should help improve our community. First of all, create an assembly of neighbors that can help to choose the best way to confront the community’s needs. For example, in the assembly we can talk about street parking. It is a big problem in residential areas. All the time the residents have problems finding parking close to their houses. It is because the truck drivers park their trucks on residential areas. In the assembly, we could make the proposal to city council a regulation that prohibit the truck drivers park on residential streets, and allowing the residents have space to parking cars close to their houses. Another important thing is the graffiti. It makes our neighborhood look dirty and unsafe. For that reason, we should ask the city council to paint some artistic murals on walls to cover the graffiti. This way the view and aspect of our community would get better. Also, our community almost does not has traffic signals. It has caused some accidents in the community. For that reason we are proposing to the city council, change older signals and put new ones where. The purpose is to decrease the accidents in the community. These are ones good things that we can propose neighbors’ assembly to change and improve our community. Another thing that we can to do to improve the community is the creation of some civil teams. These groups will help us to have a safe community. For example, forming a civil guard, who are...
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