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  • Published : September 7, 2013
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Currently, I am studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in English at Goodwell University in [my country]. Although I am majoring in English, my strong interest in business has motivated me to enroll in many business-related courses, such as Business English, Negotiations, and English for Job Applications. In the near future, I plan to take additional business-related English courses to further prepare for the rigors of a master’s degree program in Fashion Marketing. The importance of language and communication skills for marketing professionals cannot be overstated. I have travelled extensively and developed fluency in English, Spanish, and Chinese, which I believe will benefit me tremendously in my future pursuits.  

In addition to my education, I have acquired considerable work experience in the fashion industry. I have worked as a salesperson in two different clothing companies, Clothcraft and Myriad Fashion, where I have worked with customers and provided products to meet their needs and individual tastes. In this role, I must consider the customers’ unique preferences, as well as their price range and the timeliness of products. I am well aware that my performance in these aspects is a significant determining factor in the overall performance of the company. My job entails seeking to benefit both the customers and the companies, and although this can be quite challenging, the result of my work has been the creation of win-win situations for all involved. Perhaps most importantly, I have now better understand the fashion industry and have clarified my goals for the future.  

Because I aspire to become a professional in fashion marketing, the decision to pursue a master’s degree in the UK was a natural choice. In [my country], the fashion marketing field is still in its relative infancy, and the academic programs are equally limited. As I seek to develop a career, the challenges that I face will be increasingly daunting; by studying in the UK, with its mature and...