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Student name :Dilana Dilixiati
Eng111 Professor: Adam
Essay :subculture

The Subculture Belongs to Starbucks

It was 4:30 am in the morning , I turned on the radio channel on 99.5 as usual, listened to the song of my favorite singer Taylor Swift . I turned the volume to the maxima , tried to wake me up a little bit .Even though I felt a little sleepy , the good thing was no traffic at such early morning .But today , I am going to choose a good spot to observer my partner . For all the coffee shops , the busiest period most of the time is in the morning . Starbucks , the world brand coffee shop , which has a huge power in popularity across all the over global . It is not only a simple coffee shop for consumers to stop by to grab a cup of coffee , it is a great place to get away from the reality . In some degree ,it is more of an attraction to coming to Starbucks to relax than the actual coffee they offer . Nowadays , everyone is exhausted to do the same damn things they have to handle everyday , and dealing with variety of issues they confront . Everyone needs time for themselves to do anything .Maybe just a cup of coffee , or a cold beverage in summer to calm them down . We have to give us a break , a peaceful and private enjoyable time before we prepare to throw ourselves into a hustle life . The morning coffee moment is the perfect single enjoyable time .

In the morning , all the people are waiting in line to get their morning pleasure in size of a twelve , sixteen , or twenty ounce recallable paper cup of coffee . Some people come to Starbucks to relaxing in a plush chair while talking with their friends , reading their newspaper , doing their homework , or just listening to the music . There are vary group of culture has already formulated in Starbucks . Foe example , the employee themselves , the usually customers who come everyday to get their usual drink . Usually , if I work at opening shift ,...

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