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IGNOU MBA Note on the Financial Evaluation of Projects.
IGNOU MBA Notes on Working capital.
IGNOU MBA Notes on Accountancy and its functions.   
IGNOU MBA Note on Statistics For Management.
IGNOU MBA Note on Nature of Planning.   
IGNOU MBA Note on Indian Securities Market.
IGNOU MBA Note on Enhancing Role Efficacy   
IGNOU MBA Note on Delegation of Authority
IGNOU MBA Note on Banking, Credit Market Imperfection and Growth.

IGNOU MCA Notes on Discrete Mathematics
IGNOU MCA Notes on  Systems Analysis and Design
IGNOU MCA Notes on Communication Skills
IGNOU MCA Notes on Advanced Discrete Mathematics
IGNOU MCA Notes on Accountancy and Financial Management
IGNOU MCA Notes on Operating Systems
IGNOU MCA Notes on Computer Graphics and Multimedia
IGNOU MCA Notes on Parrallel Computing
IGNOU MCA Notes on Software Engineering
IGNOU MCA Notes on Design and Analysis of Algorithms

IGNOU MA in Economics (MEC) NOTES
IGNOU Notes on Consumer Behaviour
IGNOU Notes on Macroeconomic Analysis
IGNOU Notes on Quantitative Methods
 IGNOU Notes on Economics of Growth and Development 
IGNOU Notes on Indian Economic Policy 
IGNOU Notes on Public Economics 
IGNOU Notes on International Trade and Finance 
IGNOU Notes on Economics of Social Sector and Environment   IGNOU Notes on Research Methods in Economics   

IGNOU BCA Notes on Data Structure for 'C' Programming
IGNOU BCA on Notes System Analysis and Design
IGNOU BCA Notes on Foundations of Information Technology 
IGNOU BCA Notes on Data Structure Using C++  
IGNOU BCA Notes on Comprehensive C++ Programming

IGNOU B.ed Notes on Education and Society 
IGNOU B.ed Notes on Curriculum and Instruction
IGNOU B.ed Notes on  Educational Evaluation 
IGNOU B.ed Notes on  Education and Society
IGNOU B.ed Notes on  Teaching of Science
IGNOU B.ed Notes on Teaching of Mathematics 
IGNOU B.ed Notes on  Distance Education
IGNOU B.ed Notes on...