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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Imogen Cunningham
Imogen Cunningham was born in Portland, Oregon, on April 12, 1883. As a child, she lived at the Puget Sound Cooperative Colony. In 1889, the family moved to a home situated on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. In 1903 (Balakier), Cunningham graduated from Broadway High School. In 1905, she began taking photographs, developing and printing the images in a darkroom her father had made for her in a shed behind the house. As chemistry major at the University of Washington, she undertook her first photographic experiments in the wild(Lewis). She graduated fromWashington University in 1907 ("Computer Science”). She then went to work in the photographic studio of Edward S. Curtis and photographed Native Americans and their lives. For years she worked on assignments for magazines, led a portrait studio, and even taught at the California School of Fine Arts. Cary Grant in the alley behind the little apartment house where he lived. Joan Blondell. She photographed Wallace Beery at the Burbank Airport right after he landed his Bellanca (Balakier). He was wearing dirty flannel slacks, a grease stained leather jacket, an giant flashing diamond ring. She photographed Upton Sinclair, who was campaigning for governor of California, the day before the general strike in 1934. He came into his hotel room so tired from a day of speaking that he collapsed on the bed to rest while she set up her camera(Balakier). She photographed Herbert Hover, he preferred a print where he was holding the collar of his big German shepherd dog. ("Computer Science”) In the 1960s Cunningham ran a portrait gallery and taught at the San Francisco Art Institute. She also photographed the beat generation and flower children in San Francisco and published the book, Imogen Cunningham Photographs. Imogen and Roi were divorced. Imogen Cunningham was invited to New York to work for Vanity Fair but she soon returned to California. Imogen Cunningham worked again in Seattle and had a one-person show...