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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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P E S INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BANGALORE-85 Department of MBA Course Outline Course Title Course Type (Core/Elective) Term Credits Faculty Objectives: This course is designed to achieve the following objectives; A. KNOWLEDGE ( Through Course work) 1. To expose the students to fundamentals and basic concepts in Marketing Management 2. To make students to understand the actual practices in marketing management. B. SKILL ( Through Situation/Case let analysis) 3. To develop a platform to acquire the basic skills of marketing. C. ABILITY ( Through Term Paper) 4. To enable the students to apply the acquired knowledge and skill in practice. Outcome: 1. The students may acquire the Knowledge about the Marketing Management 2. The students imbibe the skill of analyzing the different marketing situations faced by the organizations in today’s competitive scenario. 3. The students develop the ability of applying the knowledge and skill in real time situations. Marketing Management-12MBA24 core 2012-2014 4 Prof Brijesh Singh

Course Plan:

Session No with Date and Time 1


Suggested reading/ Handouts

Activity / GD / Video/ Case let / Role Play / Field visit/Lecture Lecture

Quiz \ ASSIGN.

Introduction: Nature and Scope, Evolution, Various Marketing

Ch 01 Kotler



Orientations 2 Marketing vs Selling concepts, consumer needs, wants and demands concepts 3 4 Marketing Environment –micro Marketing Environment Macro, Marketing challenges in the globalized economic scenario 5 Understanding Consumer Behaviour: Buying Motives 6 Factors influencing Buying Behavior, Buying Habits, Stages in consumer buying decision process 7 Types of consumer Buying Decisions, Org Buying vs Household Buying, Consumer Protection act 8 9 Case Study Segmentation: Meaning, Factors influencing segmentation, Aggregation, Bases of segmentation 10 Segmentation of Consumer and Industrial Markets 11 Targeting: Meaning, Basis, Target Market Strategies 12 Positioning: Meaning, Product Differentiation strategies, Tasks involved in positioning 13 14 15  

Ch 01 Kotler


Ch 03 Kotler Ch 03 Kotler

Lecture Lecture Quiz1

Ch 06 Kotler


Ch 06 Kotler


Ch Kotler

06/07 Activity 1


Case Study Ch 08 Kotler Lecture

Ch 08 Kotler

Activity 2

Quiz 3

Ch 08 Kotler


Ch 11 Kotler


Quiz 4

Branding: Types, Equity, Strategies Case Study Product Decisions: Concept,

Ch 10 Kotler

Lecture Case Study

Ch 12 Kotler

Activity 3

Quiz 5


Hierarchy, NPD, Diffusion Process, PLC 16 Product Mix Strategies and Merchandise Planning and Strategies 17 18 Packaging and Labeling Pricing Concepts for establishing Value 19 Pricing Strategies, New Product Pricing 20 21 Case Study Distribution Decisions: Meaning, Purpose, Channel Alternatives, Factors affecting channel choice 22 Channel Design, Channel Management decisions, Channel Conflict, Distribution System, MLM 23 Integrated Marketing Communication 24 25 26 Case Study Sales Promotion and Personal Selling 27 28 29 PR and Direct Marketing Marketing Planning/Organization Marketing Organization and Audit Ch 18 Kotler Ch 22 Kotler Ch 22 Kotler Lecture Lecture Activity 5 Quiz 8 Ch 19 Kotler Advertising Ch 17 Kotler Activity 4 Case Study Lecture Ch 17 Kotler Lecture Ch 15 Kotler Lecture Quiz 7 Ch 15 Kotler Case Study Lecture Ch 14 Kotler Lecture Quiz 6 Ch 12 Kotler Ch 14 Kotler Lecture Lecture Ch 12 Kotler Lecture

Text Books: 1. Marketing Management: A South Asian Perspective-Kotler, Keller, Koshy and Jha. 13/e, Pearson 2. Marketing: An introduction – Rosalind Masterson and David Pickton, 2/e, Sage Publications  


3. Marketing Management- Tapan Panda, 2/e, Excel Publications 2007 4. Fundamentals of Marketing Manegement- Etzel, Walker & Stanton 14/e TMH . Reference Books: 1. Marketing Management – Ramaswamy V.S. & Namakumar S, 4/e Macmillan Publishers 2. Marketing Management, Arun Kumar and Meenakshi N,...
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