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Reading successmaker
Find the reason something happened
Figure out the way something happened
What if?
Think about a different outcome
What is a geyser?
What is figurative language?
A spring that sprays water and steam
To make an inference:
* Think about the facts.
* Use what you know.
Base word
* Word without a prefix
* Or suffix

End of the page

Prefix + base word

Build the word inactive
When my dog is sick, she is inactive and sleeps a lot.
My teacher made me rewrite my science report
My little brother says nonsense words in his sleep
We learned different ways to reuse empty paper towel rolls.
Homophones- are words that have the same sound but
Different meaning
End of the page

When you are drawing a conclusion first you think
About the facts and details you are reading second
Use those facts details and your common sense to
Make a decision or an opinion the conclusions are
Not found in the word on the page you have to make
The conclusions yourself based on what you thought
About and what you have read Will a scientist ever
Find a cure for the common cold? More than a
Thousand people came to see the president.
Many people travel to see the pyramids in Egypt each
Year what material did you use to build that model?
Singular subjects- the hot-air balloon is floating in the
Sky or the hot-air balloon was floating in the sky.
Singular subjects| Plural subjects|
Add –s or –es to the verb.| Do not add –s or –es to the verb.| The hot-air balloon Lifts…| Hot-air balloonsLift…|
Plural subjects- hot-air balloons are floating in the
Sky or Hot-air balloons were floating in the sky.
End of the page
To draw conclusions- make decisions
About what is happening in a passage?
Using details and common sense
Generalization: a statement that applies
To many people or things
Valid: accurate
Faulty: not accurate
Simple subject: one word that tells who or
What a sentence is about.
Simple predicate: one word that explains
The action

Treasure Hunt
My treasure is a- diamond
Ed sold ten cars last week. They were
Identical today, nine people called to say
That their windows would not go down.
They want a refund.
Joe studied all week to catch up on work
He missed while he was sick. On Friday,
He took a math test. He got an A! His
Hard work paid off.
Ki likes to brag about her friends. Sue
Is a great artist Juan is an amazing
Trumpet player. Deo is a star runner.
Ki thinks her friends are special

There are many types of roses. Some
Are red, while others may be white or
Pink many have prickly stems.
A lot of roses have a nice scent.
Carla eats spicy foods. She always makes
Dishes with extra hot peppers whenever
Carla eats she keeps a glass of water
Close by

The waiter asked, “Is there anything else I can bring you?” The population of our city is growing rapidly.
Not getting enough sleep may have a very negative effect on your health. The human heart has four sections.
The barn was destroyed in the storm.
Depend: to count on
I depend on the bus driver to pick me up.
-able: is or can be
Dependable- can be counted on
The bus driver is dependable because he picks
Me up every morning
-or and -er mean the same thing they mean
One who or a person connected with
Inventor- one who makes up something new
Invent- to make up something new
Or- one who
Ben Franklin was a great inventor.
-en: to make or made of
Fright- a sudden fear
Frighten- to make a sudden fear
He tried to frighten me with a spider
Our swim instructor says that exercise will strengthen our arms
So we can be better swimmers.
Heart- an organ in the chest that pumps blood around
The body
Your heart beats faster when you are exercise.
Lungs- a pair of organs...
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